Check the links under "Project Links" in the top toolbar, ideally starting with the "Introductory README" item. If you are curious about what is getting built, please checkout the About page for a quick overview of the previous version of this app, the spirit of which is pursued for this revamp.

Sections like the FAQ or Help may not contain much information by the time you need it. Because those pages are getting built live like anything else, please be patient while tasks are prioritized according to the demand for such resources.

Setup Guides

If you are in need of some help getting set up, checkout the links under "Setup Resources". While this project is intended for those with existing experience with Rails, those links might provide enough of a foundation for you to try following along.

Specific Tools Used

If there are tools being used in this project that you are unfamiliar with, "Documentation" links offer various external resources pertaining to those likely suspects.